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Property Management Services

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Bloc by Bloc is ready to care for your property all around. Property maintenance includes a wide range of responsibilities and requests. A few of these might include responding to a tenant’s maintenance requests, maintaining landscaping, servicing and repairing HVAC systems, performing pest control, or even cleaning or painting certain areas as needed.

Property Marketing

Property Marketing

We help clients market properties and generate and nurture leads through a variety of services, including social media, advertising, email, and text marketing. This is all about investors developing their brand, creating new connections, and increasing vital exposure across multiple platforms. The tools used to express your unique marketing needs may ranging from social media posting to videography and everything in between.

Inspecting Roof Overview

Property Inspections

The Bloc by Bloc Standard of Practice is the foundation we conduct all home inspections upon. Adhering to the Standard puts us in the best position to provide an effective and informative service to clients; helping them feel more assured in making a sound decision on their particular properties. The Standard of Practice covers all systems of a home: Electrical, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC, Alternative Energy Systems, Pools & Spas. We’re invested in being detailed and going through every nook.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

We offer 360º marketing solutions for financial institutions just like yours. We’re ready to help, and are strong in online marketing, custom WordPress web design, and brand development for financial service related businesses. Allow yourself to be guided to discovering today just how our extensive financial services marketing experience will help see you increase your leads, maximize relationships and retain more customers than perhaps imagined before!

Compliance et al, etc.

Legal Compliance/Evictions/Mediation

Collecting rent is easy- as long as you have perfect tenants who always pay on time! But what about if they don’t? What is best practice? What are your rights and limits? Having someone in your corner that knows tenant law and when to send the appropriate notices is critical! When a tenant has gone beyond the grace period of their lease, Bloc by Bloc provides documentation to a licensed process server who legally serves up a 7-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. Most tenants do wind up paying before the end of their eviction periods. If we must finalize an eviction, we oversee the legal process and as quickly as possible get your home ready and re-rented with minimal client involvement.

Rent Collection

Rent Collection

Our rent collection service is designed to help make life easier. Our methods are fast, reliable, and entirely transparent. We work to make sure you’re always receiving rent payments from tenants on time, and we strive to get that money into your hands without delay. Providing tenants with multiple means of turning in rent makes things easier and more convenient for them. This often means rent gets turned in on time. When it comes to rent collection methods, we offer collection through regular snail mail, via app, at a drop-off location, and collection in-person. It’s easier on the tenants and on yourself.


Tenant Screening and Sourcing

Tenant Screening/Sourcing

Along with criminal history and background checks, Bloc by Bloc employs software to detect fake bank statements and pay stubs. Imagine how much your property could that save you may not even know you’re about to otherwise lose. Reduce applicant fraud with certainty, screen tenants faster, reduce evictions, and reduce your costs today. Statistics show in the past year, 85% of property managers have experienced application fraud; accounting for an estimated 25% of all evictions. At $7,500 or more per eviction, this is an expensive problem.


Why Bloc by Bloc for Property Management?

Bloc by Bloc is proud to offer our full service property management resources to the public; providing Solano county and the surrounding areas with unparalleled care and insight into the administration, finance and maintenance of diverse rental properties. This would include those such as: apartments, condos, homes, and commercial units.
Serving the counties of Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Alameda and San Francisco specifically; our steadfast commitment to excellence defines who we are. It’s the special ingredient which puts Bloc by Bloc above our competition, if you like; being the intangible advantage our company has over our competitors based upon insight and thriving on the drive for service and quality in everything we do.

Our commitment to excellence is something best exemplified through relationships with landlords and residents, and it can also be seen in the way we conduct business. We strive to meet and exceed expectations through accountability, hard work, real pride in our reputation, a commitment to exemplary customer service, and by our constant pursuit of quality of the highest standards. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with the community through integrity and by offering personalized service.

With that said, don’t wait any longer. Speaking as investors, we know someone like yourself can see, or begin to see, the value your own investment property gains with Bloc by Bloc’s comprehensive and professional property management service is worth taking that first step- meeting the unique needs of the small or large scale investor exactly how it’s imagined and needed. Reach out and call or send us a message to find out more about how we can help you today.